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Roslindale: Where reptiles go for a break

WCVB reports a pet tortoise that vanished from its Dedham home in 2019 appeared this year in Roslindale, where some Facebook sleuthing reunited the long-lived reptile with its owner.

You may recall how Venkman the Corn Snake went on a yearlong slither-about in Roslindale before being reunited with his owner last year.

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Who needs a licensed superintendent anyway.

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that Adam hasn't covered that story yet? Clearly at least a little bit!

You are allowed to subscribe to the Boston Globe and get some of your local news from there, too. We won't think anything less of you for doing that.

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What part of Dedham roughly to which part of Roslindale?

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it took 2 years by bus.....

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I heard it raced the bus. And won.

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Not sure how far as the tortoise crawls. Wonder if it stopped for a while at Turtle Pond?

I won't post the details - the names are in the video and the internet knows a lot, but it seems to have traveled from a bit east of Dedham Square to around Havey St in Roslindale.

Works out to about 74 micromiles/hr. (.4 ft/hr)

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That's amazing how many major roads it crossed without getting smashed, including the RT1, the WR Parkway and Walworth. Wild stuff. It's also truly weird it would have just stopped either near the Charles or somewhere around Stony Brook.

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It’s not clear how this tortoise became a pet but wild animals generally belong in the wild.
Looks like it had a little taste of freedom.

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I'm not up for a debate on whether certain animals should be kept as pets, but most pet tortoises I know of are captive bred, not wild-caught.

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