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Police say guy got his old Caddy up to 80 m.p.h. in the O'Neill Tunnel; charged him for that and the loaded guns and drugs they say they found in the car

A Framingham man already not supposed to drive due to a previous OUI charge led a state trooper on a high-speed chase that started at West 4th Street and Frontage Road and ended in the O'Neill Tunnel northbound, where the trooper clocked him going past 80, swerving from lane to lane all the while, with a broken tail light on his 2003 Cadillac early Wednesday, State Police say.

Once the trooper managed to pull the alleged speed demon over in a tunnel with a speed limit of 45 m.p.h. around 3:30 a.m., the trooper and other arriving troopers:

Began an inventory of the vehicle in preparation for a tow arriving for the vehicle. While doing so, Trooper McCarthy found a backpack containing three pill bottles holding individual baggies containing cocaine totaling 33 grams, a pill organizer with 57 pressed ecstasy pills, a scale covered in white residue, and a container of the common cutting agent inositol.

With the discovery of a large quantity of illicit drugs, Trooper Jakobowski requested a K9 Unit to initiate a search of the vehicle. Shortly after, Trooper Michael Murphy arrived on scene and began a search of the vehicle with his canine partner. The pair was able to locate in the trunk of the sedan, a loaded 9mm handgun, a high capacity magazine, 17 rounds of ammunition, and a second scale with white powder residue. WHITE does not possess a license to carry a firearm.

The firearm found was discovered to have a defaced serial number. In the place of the serial number the firearm was etched with a misspelled colloquialism for anti-police sentiments, and an illustration of an offensive gesture.

Travis White, 30, now faces charges that include: cocaine trafficking, unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, possession of a firearm with a defaced serial number, possession of a large-capacity firearm, possession of Ecstasy with intent to distribute, operating under OUI suspension, marked lanes violation and speeding.

Boston Police arrested White on March 3 at Westinghouse Plaza in Hyde Park on an OUI charge, according to police records.

Innocent, etc.

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