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Truck driver killed when he gets out to inspect vehicle and out-of-control driver slams into him

State Police report a teenager lost control of his car on the turnpike westbound near where the Allston tolls used to be, hitting a tractor-trailer stopped due to a malfunction and squashing its driver, who had gotten out to try to figure out the problem:

Preliminary investigation reveals that a 2012 Chevrolet Cruze, operated by a 17-year-old, was traveling westbound on Interstate 90 in Brighton, when in the area of the former Brighton tolls, the sedan came into contact with two passenger vehicles during its travel. The Chevrolet then crashed into the tractor-trailer which was stopped on Route 90 due to a vehicular equipment malfunction.

Initial reports from the scene were that an operator had been ejected, however further investigation revealed the driver of the truck was outside of his vehicle inspecting the malfunction when the sedan struck the tractor-trailer, pinning the operator of the truck between the two vehicles. The operator of the truck was a 30-year-old man from West New York, N.J. The operator of the sedan was transported to St. Elizabeth’s medical center with minor injuries. No other injuries were reported.

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State Police had initially said the deceased was a passenger in the car.

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Vehicle at the side of the road, like a moth to a flame . . .

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