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Three people stabbed on Gordon Street near Comm. Ave. on Allston/Brighton line; suspect arrested

Boston Police report an fight among several people ended around 11:55 p.m. on Saturday at 107 Gordon St. when one woman pulled out a knife and stabbed three people.

Two of the people, one a woman stabbed in the head and stomach, were taken to local hospitals, but are expected to survive, police say, adding the third person did not require hospitalization.

Yanetsy Difo, 19, was arrested at the scene on three counts of assault and batter with a dangerous weapon, police say. A knife was recovered at the scene.

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When my folks first got married in 1945 they lived on Gordon Street. Wish I knew what number.

I know, nothing to do with anything.

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scollay, my first thought reading this was , "Oh my god, I usd to live at 105 Gordon!" so I get what you mean.

Sad news, even with our irrelevant thoughts.

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(Yes I will do this every time the street is mentioned)

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Was it a domestic issue? Any details, Adam?

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First, there were three people stabbed, although one didn't require a trip to the hospital. It sounds like it was a bunch of people who got into a fight, rather than a domestic incident.

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seems to be extra nasty this summer.

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You are just a scared suburbanite. Every world class city has some crime.

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And you’re just a troll with zero empathy. It’s easy to dismiss these horrific acts when you’re not seeing it up close and in person daily.

- a Boston Cop

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so maybe you should shut the f**k up?

i can remember seeing violence in the city for over 40 summers now and this is a particularly violent one. a woman stabbed in the head? grandmothers shot to death on their front porches? two women stabbed to death in broad day light in front of young children? dozens of young men shot and stabbed to death all over the city?

every city does have crime, i’m not stupid. does it make me a “scared suburbanite” to point this out or does it make you an asshole for dismissing it as “every world class city has some crime”?

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loses again.

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