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Citizen complaint of the day: Mission Hill? More like Mission Ill

Uncollected trash

Update: A project to repair the E Line tracks might be to blame.

A disgusted citizen files a 311 complaint about the uncollected trash behind 873 Huntington Ave. - which will only get really fetid over the next couple of days.

Over a week now, this is unacceptable!

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How about showing unity and getting together and pick up the trash before the rats attack.

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Put it ... where? Your garage?

And when the property owner sees people doing it for free, then what happens?

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This is a private building with private trash pick up. Why should candidates dirty themselves for a private owner. Do they have to stock shelves at CVS too?

It is on the city to get on the management company, but picking up trash from this place is not the city's responsibility.

Someone isn't paying their bills or is in a standoff with the waste company. This place (and others the owner owns) had tax liens put on them a few months ago, but they have been paid.

What is weird is that this place has a publicly backed mortgage which typically means air tight bookkeeping in order to take advantage of the incredible tax credits that come with your guaranteed rent you are given to supply affordable housing.

Someone has dropped the ball.

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"Case closed, citation issued"

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Closed with status: Resolved. Cited for a cubic yard of trash around overloaded dumpsters.


And for the record, there's a hell of lot more than a cubic yard of trash.

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Now imagine it's in Allston because it will be in a few weeks. Allston Christmas not as cute with visuals right? Why do we celebrate basically assholes who litter en masse, especially when these same families wouldn't tolerate any of it for an hour at their home towns, let alone for a week?

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The city sends out garbage trucks and inspectors - it's not like stuff will just sit there for a week as in this photo.

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Thanks, Adam - I was just about to say the same. I live in the heart of one of the Allston Christmas neighborhoods, and the city had improved its response to the wholesale move-out trash spectacular to an incredible degree over the past ten years or so. For about a week before and after 9/1 there is daily trash collection.

The mess used to be just awful, no question about that, but things really have improved.

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The move out/move in is very strange this year. Some units are turning over in August instead of September due to COVID related lease extensions and negotiations and people coming in early to grab available units.

I know a lot of young people who have had to scrum for units in July and August because everything is off this time around. It is a combination of delayed fledging of grads and people who didn't have the usual jobs/internships trying to avoid the September trap.

This means that some places will have overloads of trash as we see here, but the public response is not in sync this time around. Also note that this is a private dumpster issue - it may not even be moving related, just "nobody collected it" related.

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as opposed to what's on the sidewalk in Allston Christmas, which is rubbish (plus some pretty decent free stuff, of course.)

People disagree about the exact words, but in general garbage is the stinky stuff that attracts rats and rubbish is dry scrap material and broken things.

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for one of the many nearby schools?

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Don't I remember a huge trash campaign years ago, where every trash container HAD to be covered, and the nightly news spoke of apartment buildings and businesses getting tickets for something as simple as the lid not being able to close on their dumpsters? That's got to still be policy - do we just not feel like enforcing such things any more?

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Why aren't these tenants recycling?

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