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BPD sergeant charged with OUI after crashing car in Boston

Boston Police report Sgt. Patrick Byrne was arrested by State Police after a single-car crash yesterday.

Police said Byrne has been placed on administrative leave and is now subject to an internal investigation separate from the criminal charge he faces. Police did not provide additional details about the nature, time or location of the crash. WBZ, however, reports he crashed his Ford Bronco into a Jersey barrier on I-93 north Wednesday night, then "pulled into the breakdown lane and started turning his hazard lights on and off repeatedly."

According to the Woke Windows Project, Byrne, who has 16 years on the force, was assigned to the gang unit and earned $247,338.85 last year.

Innocent, etc.


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A quarter million a year seems excessive.

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he could have sprung for an Uber, even a fancy one

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is now subject to an internal investigation

Now he's gonna wind up heading the union.

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93 North somewhere in Boston at 12:30a Wednesday

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They do?

“The Boston Police Department works tirelessly to build a reputation of serving with honor, integrity and service to our residents. The BPD holds its officers the highest standards and takes this matter seriously. This arrest does not diminish the hard work of the men and women of the Boston Police Department,” Superintendent-in-Chief Gregory Long said in a statement.

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Isn't it the point of hazard lights? They come on and come off repeatedly.

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"According to Massachusetts State Police, Byrne was driving a 2016 FORD EXPLORER on 93 north in Boston"

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