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Election roundup: Three neighborhoods aren't getting early voting sites and two are Wu strongholds

Update: The Elections Department says it will add sites in the neighborhoods.

The Herald reports the city is out with its list of proposed early voting sites and that Roslindale, Chinatown and the Seaport aren't slotted for any.

Now isn't that odd, muses Michelle Wu, who lives Roslindale and might be expected to do well in Chinatown. She adds parts of Dorchester aren't particularly close to any early voting sites, either.

Roslindale might have posed particular challenges for the election department. The community center, right in Roslindale Square, would be the logical choice for early voting, but it's been shut since February, 2020 due to a top-floor water-main break that the city, for whatever reasons, has not been quick to fix. The BPL branch, right next door, might be another good choice, but it's also closed, for a gut rehab. St. Nectarios, which is a regular Election Day voting place? Its hall is still in use as a Covid-19 vaccination site. But surely there's some place in Roslindale with room for a voting spot - even a tent set up in Adams Park or Fallon Field might work.

Kicking yourself because you have yet to watch a single one of the gazillion mayoral forums this year? The Boston Main Streets Foundation has posted video of the forum it held last week.

John Barros has a plan to transform Madison Park into a gem in the BPS system.



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The Acting Mayor needs to fix this immediately.

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Michelle is considering bringing Jessica Tang, President of the Teachers Union, on board

Wu-Tang Forever

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will be jumping for joy!

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Rarely, if ever, do I get the opportunity to vote for someone who has consistently upheld the mass line.
[By "mass", I mean the working class, not the state]

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