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Archdiocese of Boston to require masks in its schools next month

The Pilot reports that the archdiocese will follow the state's "universal indoor masking" policies for the 69 schools under its control when the schools re-open next month.

That means all students over 5 and staffers will have to wear masks indoors through at least Oct. 1, when the archdiocese will re-evaluate.

The order does not apply to roughly 30 independent Catholic schools in the area, but the archdiocese says it hopes they would do the right thing and make students and staffers mask up inside due to the ongoing risk of Covid-19. Also:

The Archdiocese of Boston, following the example of the Cardinal and the Holy Father, continues to urge vaccination as the most effective way to bring this pandemic under control and keep families safe.



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Are the leaders of these parochial schools even licensed?

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So ahead of BPS

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You're Not From Boston.

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Why are you so passionate about this?

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they took out ads and boasted about having in person learning.

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Even educators.

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Their numbers are thriving; many have wait lists. Many were able to complete the school year in person with little to no disruption. I can only wish I had signed my kids up a year earlier so I wouldn't have had to pay a tutor this summer to play catch-up.

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My daughter attends a Catholic school and was masked AND in person all last school year. They went remote for two weeks due to a case of Covid but there was no transmission within the class. They missed more school because of the heat (no fans allowed to circulate the air) rather than the virus.

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Like the other commenter, junior’s school had 2 reversions to remote. The first was when the school nurse had to quarantine after exposure (didn’t test positive) lasting about a week, and the second was due to cases on campus, and that lasted a bit more than a week.

The system worked, as it will work again this year.

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