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Citizen complaint of the day: Liquidy vs. solidified dog poop

Tonight we learned, via the city's answers to separate 311 complaints, that it might be best to wait until dog waste left by inconsiderate dog owners has turned kind of solid before contacting 311.

At 10:08 a.m. on Saturday, a grossed out citizen filed a 311 complaint about doggy doo all along Washington Street in Dorchester Lower Mills.

The city marked the complaint closed Sunday night:

Per Public Works: Sand thrown down. Unable to pick up hardly any of it due to it not being solidified.

At 11:35 a.m. another disgusted citizen filed a 311 complaint about a horrible person with a dog on Commercial Street, across from the Coast Guard base, in the North End:

I witnessed the dog owner/waker did not pick up the poop while she had poop bag in her hand, and I was sitting in front of my door. She is Caucasian, wore a hat, and has a big black dog.

The city also marked this case closed tonight, with this note:

Per Public Works: Picked up the solidified piece.



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Humans are pooping in public every day on the streets and subways.

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Must appreciate a thoughtful mention of the dog crap owner's race.

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I think they countered that by making a point that the dog was black.


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What a wonderful way to begin the last real week of summer in our fair city.

But, as someone who has had to deal with this cleanup distinction, both in the home and at the job, I do understand the city’s plight.

Solid is preferable and easier to deal with.

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This summer has been as pleasant as liquified dog feces. Fall can’t come soon enough.

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The fact that people think dog poop, weeds and small amount of litter are the city’s problem to pick up shows how far from reality we now live. I am old enough to remember when people didn’t rely on other to keep the front of their home clean for them. People used to sweep up, pluck the few weeds from the cracks of the sidewalk and push the dog poop into the gutter for the street sweeper. It’s not hard, it’s just lazy and part of the reason society and especially this city is going down the toilet.

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Who wants to play what’s grosser than gross. Eating a dog poop and fluff sandwich or brushing ones teeth with squished maggot toothpaste? Magoo.

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never mind

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Rose (about Blanche): I think she's a gerchominochen.
Doctor: Well, what exactly does that mean?
Rose: Literally, it's the precise moment when dog doo turns white.

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