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Billion-dollar Harvard science center in Allston gets first students

The Crimson reports.



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the buiding is AMAZING!!!

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How is the education supposed to be improved by holding classes in a lecture hall in Allston?

And Maxwell-Dworkin is now the “old”
Computer Science building? I still think of it as new. It was supposed to have all the latest features for better education.

The university seems to think the major inconvenience can be overcome by new shuttle bus routes and some trendy wayfinding signage up on Broadway by the Fogg Museum pointing the way to Allston.

This isn’t about the students. It’s empire building by administrators.

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I used to live around there and it's just a couple minutes by bike from the main campus. A pleasant walk, too. And then there's the shuttle.

You may also have forgotten that Harvard already uses a large chunk of Lower Allston as campus -- that whole Business School area, right across the street from the new building.

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a Blue Bike hub at the new spot. And the van service that operates between 7 PM and 2:30 AM. In addition to the multiple shuttle routes, the transport thing is pretty well worked out.

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The river houses are 7-9 minutes by bike, 15-20 minutes on foot. The other main classroom areas are 10-15 minutes by bike, 20-25 minutes on foot. The quad houses are 15 minutes by bike, 35 minutes on foot.

Yes, there's the shuttle. I would not enjoy riding a bus that has to deal with the delays crossing the river and getting up to Harvard Square.

The Business School being in Allston is not relevant. Its housing is also in Allston, while undergrad housing is not. And undergrad life is a lot more campus-focused than grad school. If the Business School moved half of its classrooms to the North Yard, I'm sure there would be a lot of complaints.

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supposed to be worse because someone has to take a shuttle or walk for a few minutes?

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The education isn't worse, but the logistics are. So what was the point of the billion dollars?

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Plenty of other schools to pick from if Harvard doesn't meet your needs!

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In my BU days I was always walking 20 minutes up or down Comm Ave to classes. If I was really lazy I'd hop the 57 back home, but the walking was never a cause for concern.

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Did you ever walk to classes at the Jamaica Plain VA hospital? That's 1.8 miles from Warren Towers, the same as the new Harvard building to the Radcliffe Quad.

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where we had to walk up the hill both ways - in the snow!

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...and how inconvenient their trip to class is.

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I remember I was visiting a friend at a big midwestern university and they had a 45 minute walk to classes from their dorm. This is nothing.

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The plans were grand and much had been delayed and shelved.

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