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Man charged with fatal stabbing outside Southampton Street shelter

A Mass and Cass regular is charged with fatally stabbing Ugochukwu McDonald Anaele, 29, of Houston, on Atkinson Street on Aug. 23.

Sean Stuart, 53, was charged with murder, armed robbery and two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, Boston Police report.

Anaele was the fifth person stabbed to death this year in the Mass and Cass area.

In 2019, Stuart was charged with assault and battery for his alleged role in the beating of a jail guard trying to drive to work at the nearby Suffolk County jail.

Innocent, etc.


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Mr. Stuart is still calling Methadone Mile home causing murder and mayhem. Whose community is this anyway? Local kids can’t play youth football in Clifford Park due to the the filth and chaos from a harm reduction experiment gone very bad. When is enough enough?

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