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Longtime North End resident goes out with a bang

Buddy Spagnuolo

Family and friends of Robert "Buddy" Spagnuolo gathered at St Leonard's Church on Hanover Street this morning for a funeral mass to celebrate the life of the 90-year-old North End resident, who died on Aug. 30. And then, before they left for his burial at Holy Cross Cemetery in Malden, they further celebrated his life with an unusual daytime fireworks display above the North End:

Spagnulo, who grew up on Endicott Street, was a veteran of the Korean War. He was also a member of Local 25 and the North End Knights of Columbus

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Sorry, I'm a temp and didn't know what that button was for...

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A funeral.

But also:

These were being shot off at Endicott & Stillman in the middle of the intersection. Called 911 but the guy—heavy, balding and dressed all in black—took off before they could do anything. Scared me half to death.

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RIP Buddy, what a send off, God Bess

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I could hear it on Canal Street. The sound was massive. Like explosions. People came running out of the Dunkin Donuts to see what was going on.

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With some info about who the fireworks were honoring.

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Richard Spagnuolo, who is on the ballot running for Mayor of Boston, but who is always omitted when the Globe or anyone else lists the candidates? I only know about him because he has a big banner flying over Hanover Street, which I encountered during St. Anthony's Feast last month.

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If it hadn't been in the North End, I would have said it was for the funeral of my 91-year-old Korean War vet neighbor who passed away on Sept 1. But we're in Brighton.

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"...honor my life by setting fire to the North End with explosives."

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