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Of course: Chris Sale tests positive for Covid-19

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Old enough to remember when baseball scribes would wax gloriously about the intangibles, the locker room leadership and the team player atmosphere that emanated from every sweaty pore these guys possessed yet here we are with nary a mention of them failing a very basic IQ test.

Knowing how cheap ballplayers are, someone should've told them that it was just free for them, not the general public. That might've spurred at least some of them into getting the vaccine.

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How many of these dudes would get the vaccine if it came with a side-dose of HGH?

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Do we know the breakdown of breakthrough cases vs unvaxxed amongst the Red Sox outbreak? (I'm not following that closely.)

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MLB/BoPox don't release lists of vaccinated players, but we do know that Boston is one of seven teams that have not reached MLB's 85 percent vaccination threshold. Lot's of "me>everyone" players on the roster.


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I've had it with millionaire sports babies unwilling to get vaccinated.

I hope they fall out of the playoffs this year. They don't deserve to be there.

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