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Remembering 9/11

Mark Bavis remembered at World Trade Center

2,996 people were murdered 20 years ago today. More than 200 were from or had ties to Massachusetts, including Mark Bavis, a Los Angeles Kings scout who grew up in Roslindale and who was returning to Los Angeles on United flight 175, and Gerard Dewan, a West Roxbury native who worked as a Green Line trolley driver before moving to New York to become a firefighter.


9/11 memorials in Massachusetts.
Massachusetts 9/11 Fund.

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Really, more than 2996 - and unfortunately still counting.
All those search & recovery workers injured by exposure to toxic levels of contaminants on the ground, some with symptoms only starting to emerge now... they are victims of this too. The final count will be higher.

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I filled my car with what people at UMass Lowell and other local places were willing to part with, and drove it to Southeastern MA where it was put on a truck for Manhattan.

And it still wasn't enough. Nowhere near enough.

And then those same people got treated like shit by congress. All for risking their lives for others. Preview of what was to come I guess ...

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