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BU student robbed at gunpoint on Naples Road in Brookline

The Daily Free Press reports the robbers asked the student for the time, then, when he got out his phone to check, one grabbed his phone while the other pointed a gun at him, around 9:45 p.m. on Friday on Naples Road near Comm. Ave.

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There also needs to be a daylong Use Your Common Sense seminar for our students.

The local predators aren't stupid. They know to be on the periphery of our local campi for targets. It is like the lions who hang out on the edge of the wildebeest herds. They know there is lunch available there.

A few points in the syllabus:

The only person who should be asking you "What Time Is It" should be Morris Day.

If someone says "Got 50 Cent?", they are not asking you if you have downloaded Curtis Jackson's new tracks yet.

If you decide you can take the "Townies" who crashed the kegger on Chester Street because you were on the football team at AOF, you should think a bit more wisely.

It is September and all the suburban kids are not used to life in the big bad city yet. Welcome to Boston Ethan and Emma!

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What if it’s a pretty lady with a diamond watch asking for the time?

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"Does anybody really know what time it is...does anybody really care?" (...about time...)

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Or who welcome a chance to revisit Chicago (from before they were forced to change their name from Chicago Transit Authority):


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It's hard to teach street smarts and sometimes you make a mistake. My inclination would be to tell someone the time and that's speaking as someone who has lived in cities most of my life. (Obviously, I'll try to size the person up first.)

I don't blame the students or consider them fools.

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Are these criminals becoming more brazen or did they accidentally leave the safe confines of the Suffolk County?

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I'm not sure exactly where the Boston-Brookline boundary is near that corner.

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