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On eve of election, Mel King endorses Janey

King, who came closer than any other Black candidate to getting election mayor, when he got into the final against Ray Flynn in 1983, tonight said he's with acting Mayor Kim Janey in tomorrow's preliminary:

I am 92 years old I’ve spent my entire life fighting for a Boston that is more equitable and just. One that tears down the walls of racial and economic injustice in Boston and builds up a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-generational coalition that will bring a new day to the city. I believe the person to lead that change is Mayor Kim Janey. I have known Kim and her family for decades — in fact, she volunteered as a teenager on my campaign for Mayor in 1983. And I have seen her grow into a passionate advocate and leader for equity and excellence in our schools, for affordable housing for every family, for continuing to build a city to open the doors for the jobs and education opportunity She has done that in just five months as Mayor, and I believe she can do so much more with four more years. It is why I am endorsing her and, more importantly, voting for her. 38 years ago, we created a multi-racial, multi-generational Rainbow Coalition that changed Boston forever. Kim Janey is carrying that torch today, and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it.



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Well, that speaks volumes.

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more importantly, voting for her. 38 years ago,

The 2nd amendment voters will like that.

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