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Pleasant time in Roslindale

Jennifer Dines pays a visit to the Pleasant Cafe, which has been serving pizza and other fare on Washington Street in Roslindale for 80 years now.

The article is the start of a program by the Boston Preservation Alliance and Boston Main Streets with the Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School, where, over the next year, students will write their own profiles of other "legacy" businesses in their neighborhoods.

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Love having Pleasant near by, truly an underrated gem

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Is it just me or did this web sight prevent you from reading the article while it slowly loads all the images? If so this is one of the craziest and least intuitive design choices I've ever seen on a website.

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A classic place that ties the neighborhood together. Like the Dude’s valued rug!

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- pizza is good, best in the area and the crust is a big plus
- would love to venture in and eat there sometime, but covid…
- it’s never been that light when I’ve been in the Pleasant :) place gives off the “didn’t ban smoking until we had to” vibe

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Hope he's OK. The Pleasant Cafe was one of his favorites.

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I'm OK. Thanks for asking, Merlinmurph. And, yes, I love The Pleasant.

For anyone wondering, I decided to stop replying to threads here because getting embroiled in any arguments wasn't doing my overall health any favors. High blood pressure, etc., didn't need that after my stroke and heart surgery a while back. I still read the headlines and (as witnessed here) the occasional commentary, if something is very interesting to me. The only reason I responded here was because the question was about my favorite subject (me).

Take care and God bless.

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FWIW, we, or at least I, miss your commentary.
Good to hear your absence was, uh, voluntary..

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