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Globe employees protest their boss while she's being interviewed at WBUR

Globe employees with signs

Photo by Greta Gaffin.

Members of the Boston Newspaper Guild, which represents the newsroom and advertising staff at the Globe, stood outside WBUR's auditorium at Comm. Ave. and St. Paul Street this evening as Globe CEO Linda Pizzuti Henry was inside speaking on a panel titled "Trailblazers: Women news leaders from Katherine Graham to today," led by NPR's Robin Young - who asked if she wanted to say anything about the guild's lack of a contract for three years now. Henry said the panel was not the place to discuss labor issues.

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where or when exactly is the appropriate place to discuss “labor issues”? Sure seems like nowhere and never are the answers here.

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I recommend that everyone read "Personal History", Katherine (Kay) Graham's bio. It's incredible. She is the model of a woman leading a massive media institution in her time. The Washington Post in the Nixon years in particular. The idea that Linda Pizzuti Henry could in any way be conflated with Kay Graham is grotesque.

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