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Beacon Hill street turns into raging torrent after breaks water valve

Beacon Hill street turned into torrent

BWSC reports it had already shut off water in the area of Myrtle and Hancock streets for some repair work overnight when a contractor "broke a gate valve" at Hancock and Myrtle streets around 12:30 a.m., briefly creating a roaring river, complete with waterfalls.

The commission says water service on Hancock Street is not affect, although Sara Mak, who lives nearby reports she had no water this morning.

The commission adds Hancock Street will be shut until the sidewalk and road can be redone.

Mak surveyed the damage in the light of day:

Aftermath of flood


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Flooded and cascaded down Cedar Street between Highland Ave and Broadway. Somerville fire seemed to respond shortly after. Unclear if related, but would be a hell of a coincidence if it weren't.

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You think a water main break in Somerville is related to one in Beacon Hill? Huh?

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and the low water pressure afterwards. :-)

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When I went there at 6:30 this morning you could get near the hole from the Joy St side. Now the section of Myrtle between Joy and Hancock is closed off. They are digging new holes. Can't see this finishing up before sunset and I wouldn't be surprised if it went longer.

There is a large senior home right at the center of this work. I am assuming there is no water in the building. What do the managers of the home need to know, need to do?

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