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Group pledges $20 million for new visitor center, other upgrades along the Charles near Mass General and new Gronk Playground

Proposed new Esplanade visitor center

Rendering via Esplanade Association.

The Beacon Hill Times reports the Esplanade Association has pledged $20 million to spruce up and maintain a long neglected part of the Boston side of the Charles just north of the Teddy Ebersol Fields.

At the heart of the 1.6-acre Charlesbank Landing project would be a year-round visitor center with a deck for taking in river views, classrooms, a cafe and restrooms, as well as new playing fields, benches, tree plantings and a garden designed for pollinating insects and birds.

The site is also near a playground that is being revamped to open next year as the Gronk Playground.

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The esplanade is a gem. Kudos to this organization.

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Looks great, but the kayaker looks like a "rub-on" transfer from the 60's.

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Martin Richard Fields

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Do you mean?

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In Fort Point, on the Channel and adjacent to the Children's Museum, which is named for Martin Richard.

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this just always bugged me.

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and was a huge red sox fan has a couple of recreational baseball fields named after him?

That's strange.

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Why wouldn't it be weird to have a rich person buy a public, permanent memorial for their teenage kid? Sort of like Moakley naming a bridge after his wife. Martin Richard is light years different.

Sucks how we as a society just normalize that the hyper rich can only be expected to do nice things for the public if there's something in it for them.

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it bothers me that they named the fields after him. its extremely tragic that he died in a plane crash. what bothers me is that he wasn't from boston at all. if he hadn't been the son of a millionaire network executive they never would have named the fields after him. its not the kids fault.

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And, as Tommy Heinsohn put it, he got a fuckin' tunnel named after him.

What's your point, Walter?

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He came here when he was 19 and became he the greatest hitter who ever lived. He fought in WWII and Korea where he was shot down in his fighter jet. He helped launch the Jimmy Fund in the 1940s.

i think ted deserved a tunnel.

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That I reread something and it said the seemingly outlandish thing that I thought it said.

Good on Gronk.

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