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Man arrested for forcing way onto commuter-rail train after refusing request to put on mask, police say

Transit Police report arresting a Middleborough man they say refused a request from a conductor to put a mask on, then shoved the employee and forced his way aboard by using his shoulder as a battering ram.

Police say Daniel Libby, 40, tried to board a Middleborough/Lakeville train at Braintree around 5:15 p.m. at Braintree on Wednesday, but the conductor asked him to put on a mask first.

Libby responded with several expletives and refused to place a mask on. It was then alleged Libby shoved the victim and used his shoulder to force his way into the train.

The crew held the train until police could arrive:

Officers informed Libby he had to exit the train and furnish his name as the victim wish to pursue assault charges. Libby refused to cooperate with the officers and would not comply with any requests. Libby was ultimately placed into custody for Assault & Battery on a Public Official and transported to TPD-HQ for the arrest booking process.


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Please include a large fine.

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jail time.

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Not for nothing, but I lived and worked in Middleboro for a few years and this tracks.

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He'll fit right in.

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Why wasn't he cited for not wearing a mask? President Biden authorized a fine of 600 dollars for not wearing a mask on public transportation. I just returned from New York and the police are issuing citations to those who refuse to wear a mask while riding the MTA

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