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Newly formed group sues state, Cambridge, smaller suburbs over school mask mandates

Cambridge Day reports a group formed last month that says it represents parents last week filed suits in three counties alleging that requirements that children wear masks in schools are illegal and do no good and may even harm kids.

Children’s Health Rights of Massachusetts, based in a South Easton, MA strip mall, is represented by Robert Fojo, a New Hampshire lawyer who has been busy of late suing school districts from New Hampshire to Florida over Covid-19 mask requirements.

Cambridge was included in the group's suit in Norfolk Superior Court even though it is not in Norfolk County.

Norfolk Superior Court Judge Paul Wilson has set a hearing for 10 a.m. on Wednesday on the group's request for a preliminary injunction to immediately block mask wearing.

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Or can we get criminal charges for recklessly attempting to endanger everyone during a pandemic emergency?

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Someone should file for an injunction to stop NH lawyer Robert Fojo from filing any more frivolous and profoundly stupid lawsuits.

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Whenever Fojo loses one of the lawsuits (or has it thrown out of court), he should be required to reimburse the court for their time and effort, and reimburse the defendant for their time and legal costs.

This is how you discourage lawsuits that have no legal merit.

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My kids are both in full day, in person school, have to wear masks all day and have vastly improved mental health in spite of the obvious annoyance of wearing a mask. I don't believe most of these people filing suits have kids are are listening to their kids if they do. My younger, non-vax eligible kid would take in person in mask over sitting at home 9 out of 10 days.

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My kids don't love wearing masks and being honest, one of them didn't even want to go back in person but both of them are so much better, happier and healthier after being back in school with their peers. And both of them have adjusted to wearing masks. If only the adults could stop being so childish and let the kids get on with their learning and social/emotional growth

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The people who are bringing these suits want the kids to be in school in person, and unmasked--not even if individual students and their parents want the kids to be wearing masks.

In their worldview, it's an infringement on their freedom to make them wear a mask--and entirely reasonable to stop other people from wearing masks.

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These lawsuits are cynical. Everybody knows it. Saying "I don't get it" is like standing around at a party with one really drunk person and everyone else talking to them and treating them like they're not completely shitfaced. Not treating them as exactly what they are is stupid and crazy. Let's stop doing it.

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My head hurts just thinking about these people who continue on this 'no mask' crusade while its been proven that MASKS ARE NEEDED IN SCHOOLS.

Several schools in MAGA country.. Kentucky. Tennessee, Mississippi, and good deathsantis land Florida all have had students DIE from covid. Schools are being shut down because too many kids are infected. I even saw a video of some local news cast listing.. LISTING.. all the teachers and school workers who had died from covid SINCE SEPTEMBER 1 because of these no mask people pushing this issue.

Yet all of this STILL doesn't seem to stop these fights with people. COVID has brought on the stupid in people, and people just do not care about it or how STUPID these anti mask/vax fights are until they are moments away from death in a overflowing hospital somewhere.

I just do not get it. Add the whole horse paste thing... we have a serious education problem or mental health problem in this country if people refuse to believe science.

But even here in "liberal" Massachusetts we have people trying to stop these mask requirements.

I fear for our country in what is gonna happen in the next several years.

"As far as I am concerned, this disease has one thing going for it. It's killing all the right people"

Sorry folks tired of being sensitive to people who refuse to vax or use masks. Science supports this, you're just a fool if you don't now. The world could use less people who don't believe in science and would rather believe rando people online.

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