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Evening commute: Ain't it a beaut?

People train waiting at Park Street

Joe Ruscio was in line at Park Street around 5:20 p.m. for one of the alleged Red Line shuttle buses to JFK/UMass supposedly running due to this morning's Broadway derailment. No buses in sight, he reported.

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One of the MBTA Red Line train cars that were part of the train set that derailed on Tuesday morning was involved in a separate incident Tuesday afternoon as transit crews worked at the scene of the crash.

5 Investigates has learned that at least one of the Red Line train cars associated with the derailment broke loose and began rolling toward South Station.


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Magoo is glad Magoo can hunt squirrels in the common to make a squirrel fur loin clothe and it will use up some time until this clears out. Magoo.

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After the deaths and injuries and train derailments and lack of transparency I can't find humor in the MBTA. Just anger. Been browbeaten by this corrupt embarrassment of public transportation for over 40 years. If only there were fresh new MBTA memes to make me laugh again. *sigh*

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Admit nothing deny everything and continue to work from the Cape and avoid 10 Park Plaza at all costs.

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That you think the management working at 10 Park Plaza even used the T to get to work.

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Require all legislators, elected officials, and appointees to pay for their own parking at cost, and restrict their travel reimbursements to travel to the nearest train station and transit passes.

Just getting this on the ballot - or even threatening to get it on the ballot - would send a pretty strong message to those who are systematically strangling EVERY transit system in the state (it goes way beyond the MBTA).

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