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Tourist just arrived here is killed on I-95 in Danvers when metal object flies off truck and goes through his windshield

State Police report a man from Alaska who had just arrived in Massachusetts for a vacation today died on I-95 northbound in Danvers when a metal tool flew off a truck and came through his windshield.

State Police say he stayed alive long enough to stop the car, saving the life of his wife in the passenger seat.

Preliminary investigation indicates that the piece of metal struck a rented 2020 Ford Fusion operated by Thomas Arrington, 69, of Palmer, Alaska, which was northbound in the second lane from the left. The piece of metal, identified as a concrete screed - a tool used to level and smooth freshly poured concrete - pierced the windshield of the Fusion and struck Arrington. ...

Investigation by Troopers has determined that the screed fell out of a 2020 Ford F550 dump truck, operated by a 21-year-old male of Lynn, that was traveling in the second travel lane on the same side of the highway. A short time after the incident the F550 operator, an employee of a Lynn construction company, identified himself to State Police and has been cooperative.

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a hunk of metal (must have been five feet long) fell off a truck in front of me as I was cruising in the left lane. I just managed to swerve to avoid it hitting me head-on without colliding with other cars, but it blew out my two right tires, and I had a harrowing go of making it to the breakdown lane (no accessible median on the left on that stretch).

Judging from what I saw behind me as I awaited a tow, several other cars also got taken out by the same object.

My sympathies to the loved ones of this less lucky motorist.

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We were driving under a bridge on Rt 3 near Braintree when a piece of the bridge fell into the back window of my car. It was so scary. Even though we were not hurt, just the thought of that is scary.

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If there are a substantial amount of Massachusetts State Troopers , why doesn’t the State create a task force primarily for Trucks that carry unsecured loose objects ( preventable measures) is the key to keep motorists safe on Massachusetts highways , it’s been happening much too often especially on route 95 .

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Years ago I was on the upper deck just past the Sullivan Sq exit and a huge rock (about 8") went thru the passenger's side of the windshield of the Zipcar I was driving. I was lucky, just very startled and was able to pull over.

I feel for the families of the motorist.

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I had a friend whose car was hit by one of those flaps on the bottom of a dump truck. Luckily no one was hurt but the car.

My heart goes out to his family.

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First the ones from Louisiana on the T escalator, now this. I hope they catch the driver of the truck. My heart goes out to both families.

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According to the linked report.

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What are out priorities when we practically give out medals for everyone that stops after they kill someone? Is it really safe have this many cars in Massachusetts?

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