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Wiener schnitzel

Eric Weinberger asks:

Where can you get a good wiener schnitzel in this town?


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Glad to see this has re-opened -- in the same location (and supposedly with the former cooks), but with new owners.

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Get the wiener schnitzel first, then go for the Boston cream pie.

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food dork who replies, "Locke-Ober in 2010."

To this list, I'd add the veal scallopini with caper beurre noisette at Metropolis Cafe in the South End. The cauliflower leek gratin that comes with it is one of my favorite side dishes in town.

It's usually on the fall menu by now, and I visit at least annually just for this dish, but it's not available at the moment for some reason, probably supply chain issues with the free-range veal.

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A few years ago we were in Prague with some friends. We ordered dinner in a restaurant with special English-language menus. As the dishes became available in the kitchen the inpatient waitress would appear with a dish and, in a near shout, announce "Fried Fish!" (or whatever it was) and you were expected to quickly signal that the dish was yours. After several of us had received our meals the waitress appeared and announced, "wiener schnitzel!" Since none of us had knowingly ordered wiener schnitzel, we all just sat there as her barking of "wiener schnitzel !!" got more and more insistent. In the end, one of our older friends had ordered "Veal" from the English menu and didn't know that to the Czechs that was wiener schnitzel.

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Blackmoor Bar and Kitchen in Charlestown has a pretty decent JaegarSchnitzel and they have an Octoberfest menu going on right now.


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You are in luck! Boston is the culinary capital of the New World. People fly in for our wiener schnitzel from the Old.

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in West Rox - they have a decent schnitzel on their regular menu

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