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Blue Line riders suffer dejection when trains halt for wire inspection

The MBTA reports delays of up to 15 minutes on the Blue Line - which could include trains just sitting in stations, their doors open, as an inspection train traverses the above-ground part of the line taking a close look at those overhead wires that make the trains go.

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Luckily it was just dejection riders experienced and ejection. Given the accidents as of late, ejection will be next.

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This seems to be an almost daily occurrence.
Just about every other day I receive an alert about a delay on the Blue Line due to overhead wires being inspected.
I've always wondered if these inspections are planned on advance.
If they are, then the T needs to do a better job of communicating this in advance.

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...not to see any coverage on the Red Line disaster on Friday late afternoon. (Disabled train, or even disabled trains plural, southbound? Took me about an hour to get from DTX to Andrew.)

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