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If you missed last night's mayoral debate

Or you want to see the half you missed when WBZ decided "Jeopardy" was more important, C-Span has put up a recording of the entire debate.

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So Jeopardy is more important than a mayoral debate but less important than WBZ’s regular Friday night Pats lovefest? The show that they rebroadcast on game day, when it actually makes sense for football fans?

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Jeopardy at least has a chance of teaching you something new and unexpected.

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If Channel 4 didn't want to show the whole debate, then they shouldn't have bothered to host the first 1/2 hour. Why didn't they just put the whole thing on a sister station like TV38?

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I didn't know it was half of a debate until I watched on DVR hours later - of course to later to catch the back half hour. errr.

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They should have compromised by airing a Jeopardy episode featuring Wu and Essaibi George as contestants.

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Wu and Essaibi George as guest hosts.

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Those two against Matt Amodio would put probably someone in their place.

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Perhaps viewership could be increased by introducing a rule that each debater's answer must be in the form of a question.

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Well, many answers weren't in the form of an answer, so that's a start.

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Jeopardy? Not that important since Trebek died. Really, not that important for a long time before that - at least since they nonsense rule change of champions staying longer than five days.
Now, if it was something really important, like a showing of Heidi...

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