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Huh, the people running for mayor of Newton sure look familar

Greg Reibman, who once ran the Wicked Local empire, wrote yesterday that "My heart breaks for the once great Newton TAB" after seeing the photo somebody there placed under a headline about the Newton mayoral race.

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The shroud of the dark side has fallen. Begun the Clone War has.

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I will absolutely vote for whichever candidate will move forward to seize Brookline and Newton and absorb them into the city of Boston.

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Anyone else notice how the Globe's coverage of the Boston election has been 85% focused on AEG?

Today they have yet another background story on her with no equivalent deep coverage of Wu.

I'm a Wu supporter but it's not good for anyone for coverage to be so lopsided.

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I did a quick search of Globe headlines, trying to screen since mid-September, and tried to class them into "Joint / Horserace Articles", "AEG Focused Articles", and "Wu Focused Articles". Here's the quick breakdown, I'm not sure it supports the idea that coverage is AEG-focused.

Wu seems to slightly outnumber in articles focused on her, but granted a lot of those are duplicate-issue articles on endorsements. They each only have a really small handful of articles really profiling them.

Michelle Wu, Annissa Essaibi George joust in scrappy second televised debate in Boston mayoral race
Michelle Wu holds big lead over Annissa Essaibi George in mayor’s race, 62 percent to 30 percent, new poll finds
In the second debate, fireworks between Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George
Essaibi George announces expanded plan to address humanitarian crisis at Mass. & Cass
With Michelle Wu ahead in Boston mayoral polls, a scrappier side of Annissa Essaibi George emerges
Boston mayoral candidates Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George square off in first post-preliminary debate
Annissa Essaibi George and Michelle Wu square off in Boston mayoral debate
A comedian told a crowd he was supporting Michelle Wu for mayor. He didn’t realize Annissa Essaibi George was in the audience
Wu holds considerable lead over Essaibi George in Boston mayoral race, new MassINC, WBUR poll shows
Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George had far different approaches as councilors, hinting at how they might govern as mayor
Why won’t Wu and Essaibi George face off on public education?
Ed Markey endorses Michelle Wu, a big-name boost to the Boston mayoral candidate and a blow to rival Annissa Essaibi George
Essaibi George takes shot at Wu over hometown, campaign style
In the race for Boston mayor, Wu and Essaibi George are focusing on a crucial part of the electorate: Black voters
These neighborhoods gave Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George their preliminary election wins
Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George likely advancing to November final election
Can Annissa Essaibi George pull off an upset?
New Balance chairman Jim Davis bet $495,000 on Annissa Essaibi George. Tuesday, it paid off
Heading into final stretch of Boston mayoral race, Wu and Essaibi George shun outside attack ads
Wu, Essaibi George continue their campaigns for Boston mayor Saturday
Ed Markey endorses Michelle Wu, a big-name boost to the Boston mayoral candidate and a blow to rival Annissa Essaibi George

Boston mayoral candidate Annissa Essaibi George inspired as a teacher and businesswoman, but there were lapses in her career
For Essaibi George, husband’s real estate holdings present a quandary
Essaibi George defends ad with accent while having a laugh with it in ‘On the Record’ interview
Annissa Essaibi George appears to be the underdog in the Boston mayoral race. What would it take for her to win?
Fresh off debate, Annissa Essaibi George launches new ads in final weeks of Boston mayoral race
Bright spot in a tough week: Only one endorsement mattered for Annissa Essaibi George on Thursday morning
Essaibi George aims to broaden appeal with diversity plan
Do George Regan and friends help or hurt Annissa Essaibi George?

Michelle Wu wants to ‘lean in.’ But to what?
Michelle Wu has big ideas. If she’s elected mayor, Beacon Hill could decide if many of them happen.
Fake fliers told people they’d get $100 gift cards for attending Michelle Wu rally, her campaign says
WAKANDA II, other leaders of color come out for Michelle Wu in slew of endorsements reminiscent of 2013 mayoral race
From Puerto Rico to Hawaii, out-of-state donors flock to Michelle Wu’s mayoral campaign
Ayanna Pressley gives a late blessing to Michelle Wu
Ayanna Pressley’s endorsement of Michelle Wu takes the race for Boston mayor to another level
After decades, Boston is suddenly redrawing its voting precincts. Many, including Michelle Wu, say it’s the right move at the wrong time
In an unprecedented moment, Kim Janey endorses Michelle Wu for Boston mayor
Is the Boston business community afraid of Michelle Wu? Not anymore
Michelle Wu has put forth bold vision for Boston
Can the left do for Michelle Wu what it did for Ed Markey?
Kim Janey endorses Michelle Wu for Boston mayor

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Thanks for the research. Although going by headlines alone, AEG focused stories tend to be neutral/critical and Wu stories tend to be neutral/positive.

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People see what they want to see.

When I crack open my Globe in the morning, I see a paper that is working hard to get Wu elected. The official endorsement will only be a formality.

Then I realize that in fact they are trying to cover both campaigns.

Same thing with this news source.

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