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Prison guards won't give up fight against state vaccination order; some already facing disciplinary action for refusing to get shots

CourtWatchMA posts a copy of a memo from leaders of the state corrections officers union that says the group plans to appeal a judge's rejection of their request to block Charlie Baker's Oct. 17 vaccination mandate.

The memo says some three dozen guards at state prisons are now facing disciplinary action for refusing to get a shot - and that another 500 or so could be next because they haven't gotten a shot either, as they claim medical or religious exemptions.

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But so should all prisoners, lawyers and all visitors to correctional facilities be mandated to show proof of vaccines upon entering correctional facilities.

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Valid medical reasons for exemption are few and far between, and claims for medical exemptions should be treated with some skepticism, given how many people are making them.

There is no justification for a religious exemption for anyone, ever. If you feel that your (made up) "religious" beliefs prohibit getting vaccinated, you are free to excuse yourself from public life. You do not get to keep your job dealing with the public.

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