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Campuswide login system goes down at Northeastern

Northeastern University reported a "major data center outage" this morning that made it impossible for students and staff to use their Husky Cards, their IDs that normally give them access to everything from cafeteria food and library checkouts to printing and washing machines as well as to the portal that lets students access their class information.

The outage did not prevent school affiliates from using their IDs to get into buildings on campus, though.

At 4:41 p.m., the IT department reported everything was back to normal - after finding another problem affecting the fiber connection between the main campus and data centers in Marlborough.


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A lot of people will be transferring to BU if this continues for long enough!

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At least the building access system was designed with reliability in mind.

I think those are usually set up so each card reader has a list of ID numbers that have access, so it can work even if the network is totally dead.

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I wonder if they're reading this in California.
Recent story of one of the universities - architect resigned from their review panel after pet project design from some uber-doner for a mega dorm is steaming ahead. Supposed to house 4500 students, mostly single bedrooms without windows. Each room supposedly will have view panels with simulated daylight.
Could you imagine the disaster movie that would happen if their campus network crashed? They could call it Nightfall if Asimov hadn't already written a different story with the same title.

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Sounds like a Prison. Are you talking about UCLA @Rob?

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I'm more concerned about what happens in a fire.

(I mean, *also* the lack of light would suck. I would not choose to live in such a building.)

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