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Capt. Kirk beams down to East Boston

William Shatner and staff at Rino's

Brian Riccio forwards this shot of William Shatner after a meal at Rino's on Saratoga Street in East Boston last night. Looks like he enjoyed himself, even if they were out of Saurian brandy.


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He looks better now than he did in 1994's Star Trek: Generations. Is reportedly being a huge pain in the ass to work with the secret to staying young?

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He's sober.

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I heard he and Spock bought a Luxury Condo on Neptune Road in East Boston

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William Shatner: If it's not ham, it's not Boston Legal.

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Love Rino's, first meal I had there in 2008 still a great memory, though I wish I took a chance and ordered something I never heard of, tho my safe choice was amazing. Immediate food envy like everytime

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