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A perfectly executed storrowing

Storrowed truck at Kenmore exit

Matthew Christensen got a great view of a successfully storrowed box truck at the Kenmore exit from Storrow outbound tonight.

Another view.

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Evocative of a James Bond stunt.

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Baffling!! Effin baffling!! You saw the bridge and thought you could clear it. It’s the fact that this literally happens several times a week that truly baffles me. #Storrowed

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Refreshing to see it happen on a different part of Storrow!

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The 45-degree partial rollover is the perfect finishing touch, the icing on the cake.

And balanced just right, with just 2 wheels touching ground, able to hold that pose for what seems forever!

Note to truck driver, keep in mind for future reference: the diagonal of a rectangle is always longer than any of the sides.

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You know how I bet we could prevent a lot of future storrowings, is have a few billboards in strategic places with pictures of the consequences.

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...but damn, I want t see these.

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This is just like the weather and Boston Public Schools, everybody talks about it, but nobody does anything about it.

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