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MIT building evacuated due to bomb threat that proved unfounded

MIT Police reported the 18-story Green Building, also known as Building 54, was evacuated starting around 6:30 p.m. after somebody called in a bomb threat.

Despite similar threats being called at universities nationwide in the past week, we nevertheless out of an abundance of caution urge individuals to take this seriously and stay away from the area. Building 54 has been evacuated. Emergency personnel are on scene, with Cambridge Fire Department and explosives detection units searching the building.

At 8:02 p.m., campus police sounded the all clear:

Investigators have cleared Building 54 (Green Building) to reopen following a thorough search of every floor.

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appears to be targeting marquee universities with fake bomb threats - was reading about this happening at Cornell in the last week and that referenced it happening at Columbia, Brown, etc. It was on Reddit and was saying it was someone trying to frame a person they were staling - again Reddit so grain of salt but it's in the news.


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Has there ever been a bomb threat anywhere that turned out to be real?

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Generally the idea is that the bomber wants to blow up a building but doesn't want to kill people, so they phone in a notice of the bomb.

...except yeah, there's usually not actually a bomb.

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