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Police say man used a skateboard to challenge officers at Alewife T station; he lost

Transit Police report a man who tried sticking his nose, and his skateboard, in a dispute he had nothing to do with at the Alewife MBTA station early this morning, wound up under arrest - after which officers discovered he was already wanted on unrelated warrants.

Police say officers responding to a report of some sort of squabble around 1 a.m. had just broken up the verbal jousting when Michael Fleming, 28, of Quincy, decided to get involved.

Police say that despite having "nothing to do with the matter nor any relationship to the parties involved," Fleming began to "berate" the officers, in part by screaming obscenities at them.

Officers made multiple attempts to calm Fleming to no avail. At one point after being told if he didn't calm down he would be escorted from the station Fleming picked up his skateboard and challenged the officers to "Earn your f****** paycheck". Officers then informed Fleming based on his tumultuous conduct he would have to vacate the station. Fleming ignored the officers demands and continued to cause a disturbance.

Officers then arrested Fleming on charges of disturbing the peace and trespassing. While booking him, officers discovered he was already wanted on warrants out of Quincy District Court on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and violating two separate abuse-prevention orders.

Innocent, etc.

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Officers then arrested Fleming on charges of disturbing the police and trespassing.

Disturbing the police ... is that a new crime?

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Disturbing the peace, however, is an entirely different thing. Fixed, thanks.

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Now we know this loser will not get jail time but hopefully the court will confiscate his skateboard.

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The cops who illegally beat up skateboarders legally skating at the skate park will get to share a cell with this dude.

That would be poetic justice.

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Oh yeah. The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a skateboard is a good guy with a skateboard.

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Protesting government officials, including the Police, isn't disturbing the peace. Rather then be a tough guy and arrest someone exercising their free speech rights, the ignorant police should have just walked away and found an actual crime.

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Such as “assault with a dangerous weapon and violating two separate abuse-prevention orders.”? I think there is at least one Quincy resident who is relieved that this guy is locked up.

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Yes, it feels like over stepping to arrest someone for cussing in public, instead of escalating things they could have left once the initial call was done. They were lucky the skater had warrants.

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Time to get rid of Transit Police.

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You have got to be kidding, right? Do you even ride the T?

If there were no Transit Police the subways and buses would become a wretched hive of scum and villainy like has never been seen before in Greater Boston.

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Did he at least have a collision with a truckload of fertilizer sometime in the chain of events?

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