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Boston's only round, domed library re-opens

Inside the Roslindale Boston Public Library branch

After two years of extensive renovations, the round Roslindale Square BPL branch re-opened today.

Roving UHub photographer Matthew Hutchings was among the large crowd of Rozzidents who attended the formal re-opening and re-dedication this morning.

People at re-opening of Roslindale library
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One of Walsh's unheralded achievements, a comprehensive building program for the neighborhood branch libraries just a few years after Menino was trying to shut em down.

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Saturdays at the library are so good for personal zone time. Please don't close on Saturdays like the new JP branch is and has been for so long. Why open every day but Saturday?

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Puts the circle in "ciruculation".

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Very clever. Had to leave before the festivities on Saturday but looking forward to taking our kids this week.

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