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Worcester hospital group fires 200 workers who missed vaccination deadline

WBZ reports UMass Memorial terminated the employees on Dec. 1 after they missed a Nov. 1 deadline to get fully vaccinated against Covid-19. UMass Memorial has some 15,000 total workers.

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Three cheers for UMass Memorial and the 98.7% of employees (now 100% thanks to these firings) who chose to be less likely to contract, get sick from and spread COVID.

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98.7% of UMass Memorial employees are able to pass an IQ test without drawing attention to themselves.

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thank you for protecting public safety and upholding medical ethics!

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Worcester hospital group fires 200 workers who want to be dead but choose indignance over sad admission as such

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It’s more like “who think they are invincible and don’t mind if they knowingly infect vulnerable people.” That’s way worse! Not very Hippocratic!

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Because they don't appreciate or value their own lives - subsequently, they don't care about the lives of anyone else.

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