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So, so many zoning hearings canceled due to online snafu today

The WebEx the Zoning Board of Appeal uses for pandemic-era hearings turned into DeadEx today and the board had to cancel all of the day's hearings. They'll be rescheduled, the board says.

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WebEx using both the Amazon Cloud and Microsoft (Azure) cloud.

Maybe it is related to zoning board's 'technical issue'

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Clicking on the log-in link on the ZBA page would bring up what looked like a WebEx page for a split second before going to a "site not found" error.

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Zoom and GoToMeeting are both so much easier to use.

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Most of the rest of city government uses Zoom.

To be fair, WebEx has worked fairly well for them over the past couple of years.

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They claim it's a security thing. Many of the government agencies are allowed to join Zoom or other meetings, but only host them on WebEx (WebEx of course being a total piece of crap).

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You plans for the day didn’t pan out.

Don’t misinterpret. I love your summaries of the meetings.

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Board of Appeals hearings again. If you can jam 300 drunk people into a bar/restaurant you can have a hearing with 75 concerned abutters.

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