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Lynn high school goes into lockdown and some students hide in a closet after student shows up with realistic looking BB gun

Peter Eliopolous at WCVB reports on the situation at Lynn English High School.

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I understand the panic and the response from police but if there were no threats what crime did he commit.

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At the very least, walking into a school with a facsimile gun right now is akin to running into a crowded theater and screaming FIRE or coughing in somebody's face and telling them you're COVID positive. It's antisocial terror inducing behavior.

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If you show up at school with a realistic-looking toy or BB gun, especially a few days after a mass shooting at a school, you are an idiot. You can expect to be shot by a cop.

If I'm not mistaken (IANAL) brandishing a realistic-looking toy gun, such that someone is in fear for their life, does constitute assault.

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Especially these godawful times? How many school shootings does it take for parents to look at each other and say "Let's lock up all the guns - in a real gun safe?"?

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It was kept with my parents' hunting weapons and used for hunting and for target shooting.

I wouldn't have it in my house when my kids were growing up, though. Not because of them, or because of the laws, but because they don't need to hunt and I don't hunt anymore, and gun fetishism and guns as identity totems horrifies me. A gun is a tool.

It remains at my uncle's house in another state.

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We had guns too. They were some sort of special edition ones given to my Dad. They were over the fireplace and not locked up (! It was 70's). There weren't any bullets in the house.

My parents didn't shoot but us kids all learned how to shoot at summer camp (targets and clay pigeons with the guns the camp owned). A couple siblings kept up the sport into adulthood.

They were pieces of equipment to be handled and taken care of respectfully.

Fetishism and identity tokens seems to really describe how many people feel about guns these days.

Still.. Lock them up!

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Are you a high school student in 2021? I didn’t think so. There’s a difference.

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"Like a butcher knife or a harpoon or, uh, an alligator."

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