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Billboard company puts Egleston Square site up for sale for possible development; could mean end of long running Peace Garden

Egleston Square residents had long made lemonade out of the ugly lemon of a billboard and its supports in the middle of Egleston Square by turning it into a mini-park with benches and a small free library. But Clear Channel, which blocked off the site with a fence a couple months ago has now put the small site up for sale, for $1.1 million, Jamaica Plain News reports.


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It really is turning into Downtown Egleston. Is this what it feels like to get old? :(

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… is that the city Xmas tree might return to its traditional spot in the Egleston Stonehenge. I loved having it outside my bedroom window when I lived there.

It would be sad to lose the Peace Garden. Even though it’s not that old, it fit in with the neighborhood. Which itself hardly resembles its old self. For better and for worse.

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Franklin Park isn't far away.

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When the new Millennium Behemoth swallowed beloved little Winthrop Square.
The Common isn’t that far off.

As they chipped away at that as well.

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I don't mean that facetiously, what are you talking about?

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