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Suspect nabbed for teen's murder on Blue Hill Avenue in August

Omara Shears

Boston Police report arresting Omara Shears on charges he fatally stabbed a teenager on Aug. 28 at Blue Hill Avenue and Columbia Road.

Police started hunting Shears not long after they found Javare Sommerville, 17, of Providence, suffering from a stab wound around 9:20 a.m. that day.

Shears is scheduled for arraignment in Dorchester District Court.

Innocent, etc.

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I'm glad they caught him.
I cant even imagine having to bury a 17 year old , what a nightmare that must have been for his family.

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Hi, I have no idea who you are (I thought I did when the schools first closed down but my friend looked at me with blank eyes). I just want you to know I like you. I "like" all or most all of your comments.

That's all - I just want you to know I like you since this has become a culture of cruelness

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You are very welcome :-)

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comments. And so is the story.

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Thought the same thing. Imagine being the relative of this victim and you come here and see comments from people.. congratulating each other for commenting?

I’ll take a moment to instead say thanks to the BPD for not giving up and finding two murder suspects for daytime murders in as many days; thanks to the DAs who will work to prosecute these people; thanks to the witnesses who assisted and thanks to to the First responders who see this stuff on the streets first hand regularly - that just be emotionally, physically and mentally draining.

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@adamg Was his mugshot posted here before? He looks awfully familiar.

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