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Boston has free rapid Covid-19 test kits to give to residents

Test kits

Shamus got his test kits today.

Update: Reports coming in that the libraries are already out.

The Boston Public Health Service has started distributing the test kits - which have two tests apiece - at several BPL branches and community centers. Complete list.

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What an effing surprise. Apparently the low-income Asian-American residents of Chinatown do not need any services, despite the fact that the working-age population predominately works in foodservice and thus has the highest risk of exposure apart from medical professionals.

The same reasoning was given for the lack of a permanent BPL branch in Chinatown. And for disadvantaging Chinatown kids in exam school admissions. And for the continued lack of mitigation for the pollution from both the Veolia plant and the highways. And the saddest part is, having an Asian-American mayor who's actively doing nothing about it...

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Dog bites man.

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Will you still say it when you bring the gift of COVID and death to your family?

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They're welcome to refuse my company.

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Just because it doesn't apply to one person who suggested it's okay to kill family members, doesn't mean it doesn't apply to others.

Also some people need negative tests for work or another entity that requires them.

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