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Old South Church moved its Christmas Eve services to online only

Leaders of Old South Church in Copley Square shifted planned in-person services on Christmas Eve to online only due to rising Covid-19 numbers and the way the omicron variant spreads so easily.

With considerable input from wise leadership, and due to the apprehension of some of our volunteers, we are reluctantly moving our Christmas Eve services to remote only. The spiking numbers in infections, the alarming transmissibility of the Omicron variant, our concern for our staff, volunteers, and our congregation (not to mention those who work in hospitals) have led us to this hard decision.



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an organ demonstration called The King of Instruments at 3 pm, and two Pipes and Pops concerts at 6:30 and 8 pm. All of these are annual events and usually quite popular. I'd be more comfortable with them if they require attendees (and musicians) to be fully vaccinated.

(Right now, I'm waiting for the Bach cantata at the end of Emmanuel Church's livestreamed service, which appears to still has a live in-person congregation.)

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Magoo likes to dress up as Mr Magoo-Clause and Mrs. Magoonwould dress as Mrs. Naughty Magoo-Clause. Magoo.

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