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Three team up to rob Hyde Park bank, but don't get far, police say

Boston Police report arresting men from Attleboro and Dorchester and a kid from Mattapan on charges they held up the Santander Bank branch at 860 River St., near the Mattapan line, shortly before 4:30 p.m.

Police say one of the three gave a teller a note stating that he had a gun and demanding money.

Police say officers found and arrested Jahleel Bodden, 22, of Attelboro, Dimitry Hall, 27, of Dorchester and a 16-year-old from Mattapan, too young to have his name released, not all that long after at Harvard and Morton streets in Mattapan.

Innocent, etc,


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If you're robbing a bank the last thing you should do is have your escape route lead you toward a Police district headquarters of the city or town you robbed.

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Let this be a lesson to all who think they can rob at will.

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I know we've got at least a few legal and LEO folks here, can anyone offer an explanation as to why people still rob banks?

It seems like a real losing proposition. You get a few thousand bucks, but immediately have to go into hiding or flight mode, which isn't cheap. Then there's a good chance the feds get involved, and they actually seem to have the resources to get people regularly. It doesn't add up for me, but I don't spend much time thinking about how to crime.

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c/f Willy Sutton

Plus crooks is dumb

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People need the high and will do anything to get that high. 100% of bank robbers are addicted to heroin in 2021. At the moment jail time isn't a worry or even a thought.

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Compare this to robbing a store. First, there's more money, as banks are literally a storehouse for cash. Second, employees have been taught to comply. The money is insured, so it's not like it's their own money at stake compared to the cash register of a family owned package store. In short, it's less risk and higher reward.

The morons who get caught haven't figured out how to escape well, since, as Pete notes, they are drug addled, which makes planning difficult. Hit a bank in the right area and do a good job escaping and you could get a good payday with no one knowing what you did. A couple thousand tax free dollars is a good score while making $15 an hour gets you $600 for a 40 hour work week before taxes.

Not that I recommend this. It is stealing, and as demonstrated in this article, you could end up in prison for doing so. Also, despite what I said about the bank being insured, for the tellers, it is traumatic to be robbed.

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and Bobby Sue, three young lovers with nothing better to do…

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