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Mary Richardson, long-time co-host of 'Chronicle," dies at 76

Chronicle's Anthony Everett remembers longtime host Mary Richardson

WCVB reports that Richardson, who started at the station as a reporter in 1980, died of complications from Alzheimer's.

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I remember her well from when I moved to Boston in '81. Became an avid Chronicle watcher when she started hosting it.

Thank you, Mary. Rest in Peace.

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I remembered she did a segmant on Chronicle of my hometown village in Italy with Peter Mohegan in the sumner of 1988 , she is the Best of the best in Boston journalism , she will be soerely missed….

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And a special thanks to the Chronicle team for keeping us sane this past year with your uplifting stories of hope.

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Growing up every night we watched Oprah followed by Newscenter 5 with Natalie Jacobson Chet Curtis & Dick Albert, ABC News with Peter Jennings and Chronicle with Mary Richardson, Peter Mehegan and Mike Barnicle. I don’t watch television these days, but the WCVB website is still my go to for news and weather. Top tier journalism! RIP Mary Richardson! Job well done!

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