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The Boston meme of the year, even if it is just Jan. 1

CDC says trucks can drive on Storrow Drive

Shamus Moynihan gifts us.

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Ever since last week's CDC redefinition of Covid-19 isolation time, the InterWebs have been alive with memes about other alleged CDC changes.

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I'm not going to let some lying egghead engineer take away my freedoms. I did my own research and I've decided to drive my 12' rig right down Storrow like the Founding Fathers intended. There's no risk, this is just safety theater. Open up commerce!

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Because viruses are static and never change, and we know every last detail about the working of the human immune system, and human behavior in a public health crisis is all for the greater good.

Fucking CDC. What do they know?

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But follows every suggestion now.
I asked why and she said...Trump isn't President anymore..
At least she's honest.
She felt the same about the vaccine, everything is political.

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Trump's lackeys, son in law, and idiot squad completely hamstrung the CDC and it started BEFORE the pandemic.

Things like trying to completely junk the MMWR and censor data reports.

The CDC is far more reliable than it was under Trump, although it entered the pandemic in a weakened state due to what Trump already had been doing to censor science and drive out the most experienced people who could have done much better were they not retired.

You know all about that, right?

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We cannot let these truck height limits control our lives. If your truck gets stuck under a bridge, back up 5 feet then proceed forward again.

Backing all the way out of Storrow Drive and starting over on another route will only aggravate the delays in the supply chain.

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When you said "supply chain", I had a momentary vision of Head Of The Charles being disrupted due to Ever Given getting stuck in the Charles.

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