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Finally, Boston to get the 'smart, modern, trustworthy local news' it aches for

Axios, best known for its coverage of national politics, has began dabbling in local news and says it plans to begin Boston coverage this year for the sort of people who demand what it calls "smart brevity" - a combination of original reporting and headlines aggregated from other sources, mostly in short articles with lots of bullet points for people too busy for traditional long-read pieces.

Why it matters: Beyond "smart brevity," and supposedly unlike the Globe, our two competing NPR stations, several TV newsrooms, CommonWealth Magazine and a raft of locally owned weekly newspapers (and, well, what's left of the Herald and the old GateHouse papers), Axios is promising:

  • A daily newsletter, written by top local journalists.
  • Vital journalism through a clean, focused, local website.
  • Breaking news alerts.
  • Smart guides for schools, real estate, business and more.
  • A new way to find top jobs.

Axios has not released a specific start date for smartly short Boston coverage, but says to look for it sometime by mid-year.

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Ok I am excited about this as I am for Chik-fil-a

not gonna change a thing for me.. i know where to get my news from.

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It may not affect your decision whether to patronize them, but a friend of mine is friends with the franchisee of the Boston location and said he is a proud member of the gay community.

Sometimes change happens from within.

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I get your sentiment about this (at least) but..

I have this quasi-MatchGame question saying that I say.. And I'm finding I say so often these days because it can be applied to just about anything.

"just because someone is ______________ does not mean they can't be _____________"

Its so amazing how a simple phrase can clarify so much about individuals sometimes.

I'll let you fill in the blanks here on that franchisee on what I mean.

But similar acceptable responses that Gene, Richard, Charles, & Brett would approve of, would also be used to describe Gay Republicans, Gay MAGA (yep they exist) or Josh Barro.

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a friend of mine is friends with the franchisee of the Boston location and said he is a proud member of the gay community.

Yeah...my cousin's sister's daughter has a Black friend who is super upset that they got rid of Aunt Jemima.

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I just thought it was worthy information to share and you're free to take it with as many grains of salt as you wish. Here's what he posted on social media verbatim:

"As a proud member of the gay community I realize I am going out on a limb here. My dear openly gay and partnered friend is the new owner operator of Bostons first Chick Fil A on Boyleston St/Copley Sq. Matt has always been an amazing and kind man and told CFA he intends to support our community. Please stop by and introduce yourself and Give him a chance. CFA is changing. Love you all. TY"

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I just thought it was worthy information to share

So now you know, that all us "proud members of the gay community" have been hearing for years about someone's cousin's sister's best gay friend who gave them a dispensation to eat Chick Fil A.

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A link would help reduce the grains of salt we have to take this with.

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I've known the guy who posted the above quote for over twenty years and have no reason to doubt him about this. I did a quick search and didn't see anything more public about it, but it's at least worth keeping your eyes open as there may be something confirming it to your satisfaction when it opens.

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I've known the guy who posted the above quote for over twenty years and have no reason to doubt him about this.

I don't have any reason to doubt it either. I just don't think an organization gets a get-outta-jail-free card because one member of a group that they're oppressing says they're ok.

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Boston’s a better city with 2 newspapers. Why uhub and axios as well?

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but I'd really say 1.2

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Just when you thought the degradation of local news could get no lower.

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that this will push one or more of our existing news sources out of business, how is more local journalism ever a bad thing? Considering the losses we've suffered in most (or all?) local markets in the country over the past decade or two, I'll take any additions.

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Agreed. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

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The read more link for this post is *chef kiss*

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Commonwealth magazine sends out a "Daily Download" e-mail newsletter that covers a lot of the same ground that Axios is aiming for. But the more outlets covering local news, the better.

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That screams uhub! Minus the bullet points of course.

Adam, please don’t tell me the delay is because they haven’t closed the deal with you yet. I’d be lost.

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I have no pending deals with anybody.

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If I hit it big in the lottery, I’m buying you out. Name your price. Now, I just need to start playing the lottery…

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