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Board approves permanent home at Park Square Castle for giant 'immersive' video art displays


The Boston Licensing Board today approved plans by a pair of entrepreneurs to turn a part of the Park Plaza Castle into a place for giant displays of art - just in time for their first show, featuring the work of Frida Kahlo, next month.

Immersive Art Space Boston will be using the that was not formerly used by the now closed Smith & Wollensky in the castle, now formally the Saunders Castle at Park Plaza. The company needed board permission to purchase the beer and wine license from the equally closed Panificio on Charles Street so that it could offer beer and wine to patrons with which to wander spaces illuminated with giant video replicas of an artist's work for up to 90 minutes.

Immersive Art Space is not affiliated with the concerns that put up dueling "immersive" Van Gogh exhibits in Boston recently.

The company started in Chicago and has put on similar exhibits in other cities.

Partner Maria Shclover, who will be on the hall's license as its manager, told the board she's moving to Boston by the end of the week - state liquor licensing laws require licensed managers to be Massachusetts residents.



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…Gardner, Harvard Art Musems, the National Center for Afro-American Artists, and the PEM.

It’s better to see the real thing. My family took me to see the Van Gogh immersion at the Strand and it was…fine (if I am being kind). I am grateful for my sister-in-law including me and it drew people to Uphams Corner who normally would never go there.

But the experience falls flat in a town when you can go see the real things.

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But can you walk around the MFA with an IPA?

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No, but why would I want to walk around MFA with an IPA.

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Peter Greenaway did similar work in NY several years ago. While viewing actually paintings will always be better than viewing digital reproductions, some pieces can not be moved.

If this business started providing shows of The Last Supper, the Sistine Chapel's ceiling, The Last Judgement, etc. then this could be a great addition to the arts scene in Boston.

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Where can we go to get an overpriced steak?

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Wouldn't it be great if instead of showing FK for the hundredth time just like Xfinity does, that it would showcase the local poor starving artists, homeless or borderline? Boston needs an artist movement for our kids who have to grow up watching their back if they go to the corner store.

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I keep seeing online ads and bus-stop billboards for that one.

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