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Plans to re-open the Pour House fall through

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that a plan to re-open the Pour House on Boylston Street has collapsed.

The previous company that owned the bar, one of several adjacent Boylston Street bars to shut when the pandemic hit, had agreed, via bankruptcy court, to sell its liquor license to their landlord, and part owner, Charles Talanian, who in turn had reached a deal to re-open the bar with a new management team headed by former Pour House General Manager Charles Hitchcock.

Talanian's attorney and Hitchcock appeared before the Boston Licensing Board on Dec. 1 to seek approval of the license sale, but the board then voted on Dec. 16 to defer any action until after the Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay had time to meet with them.

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The one bar in town I was hoping would be saved. What a gut punch.

The article doesn't make clear what led to the plan's demise. Anyone have more info?

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I heard that the landlord backed out and is planning on redeveloping both the Pour House and Lir buildings.

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Sounds like pour planning.

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I don't mean to come across as the cynical guy who doesn't know anything about anyone under the age of 50 and doesn't care to learn, but .

I have a lot of fond memories of the place, spent many hard-earned dollars there and probably drank too many beers, but as someone who was a regular during it's heyday, I can tell you that the PoHo we all knew is not coming back.

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Restaurants, bars, and clubs, hotels, etc.... need help of someone like the go-to Atty Steve Miller and his partners to help you stay alive as more and more institutions like Pour House become extinct because of Covid and its wrath. If he can't help you it sucks. Plus prices are so outlandish now for food and alcohol for businesses, even the well established, that we lose them. Customers can't remain regulars because half of us are trying to survive ourselves just to keep a roof over our heads. This sucks. I am sad and mad.

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The one place I wanted to reopen

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