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Supreme Court to hear Harvard admissions case

The Harvard Gazette reports the court will consider whether Harvard's admission policy, which lets administrators consider race "as one of several possible criteria in deciding whom to accept" is an illegal quota. In 2020, the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit concluded it was not and dismissed the case brought by a group founded by white people over alleged anti-Asian-American discrimination, but the group appealed.


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They do consider race and in doing so they choose one race over another.
It sounds illegal to me.

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"But of course they discriminate against Asian kids."

“Look, I support Harvard’s right to pursue the diversity they want,” said one Asian-American who described herself as a “staunch supporter of affirmative action.” “But of course they discriminate against Asian kids.”


"Affirmative" looks different from the backside.

To believe Harvard doesn't hold Asian kids to a different standard than white kids you basically just have to not know any.

The point ding on the SATss isn't the worst part. It's sad to see little kids trying to figure out which activities they can get into that won't seem too Asian. Tennis? No, too Asian. Try lacrosse. Or hire a counselor to de-Asianify your kids' applications.

There's really no question that it's harder to get in if you're Asian. The only question is whether that discrimination is legitimate.

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Congress needs to get their act together. This case was filed back in 2014. The Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964. It's silly that judges are spending 8 years picking through 58 year old laws to decide an answer to problem that Congress could deliberate and vote on in a couple of days.

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"problem that Congress could deliberate and vote on in a couple of days."

What problem is that, naming a post office?

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It took the House less than 7.5 hours to vote to create a new federal holiday. They could clarify and amend the Civil Rights Act quickly, if they wanted to.

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And what exactly is the bill that's going to make it through the House and then survive reconciliation with ol' Moscow Mitch? The GOP superminority is somewhere to the ideological right of Thanos, and the Dems are spineless enablers. Any rewrite of the Civil Rights Act that came out of the current legislature would make whites-only water fountains a thing again.

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