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New restaurant wins approval on Fairmount Avenue in Hyde Park

The Boston Licensing Board today approved a liquor license for Park 54, a restaurant planned for 81 Fairmount Ave., in Hyde Park, where the Fairmount Grill, and before that, Townsend's, used to be.

The restaurant, by Tasha Hull and Andre Walker, Sr., is named in part for the 54th Massachusetts, which trained at Camp Meigs nearby in Readville, and promises "great food, innovative libations, incredible music, compelling historical artifacts, and an inviting ambience." Managing Partner Shawn Hunter was formerly involved in overseeing operations at Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen & Slade’s Bar and Grill. They hope to open in March.

"I was really excited to see this application before us this week," board Chairwoman Kathleen Joyce said. "It's a great concept" and it's also a Black-owned all-alcohol license, something very rare in Boston, she said. Park 54 will purchase the liquor license from their landlord, John Button, who first obtained it when Townsend's had financial problems and closed and then again when the Fairmount Grill closed.

The application now goes to the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission for its approval.

The board also approved a beer, wine and liqueurs license for Las Delicias Colombianas on River Street nearby, but that's subject to a license freeing up, either a general beer and wine license, which the owner could use as an asset and re-sell or a neighborhood-restricted license, which he could not.

This is the third time Las Delicias has applied, they've been approved before, but there's never been a license that was free at the time. The problem is that the state limits the number of liquor licenses in Boston, which leads to a situation where if you want a license, you have to buy one on the open market, and that can mean spending like $50,000 to $80,000 for a beer and wine license.


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Sounds interesting - will keep my fingers cross that it can do better than its predecessors. Having tried the Fairmount Grill it was pretty good, both myself and the better half enjoyed it. Hopefully Park 54 can make a better go of it long term. Historically, it does seem pretty rough around Cleary Square for more upscale restaurants.

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the artificial limitation of liquor licenses in this city and state is so tiring. let restaurants make money! let residents have a greater choice of where they want to eat and drink!

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